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About Us


Julie Fagley, Owner and Vacation Designer

Hi! My name is Julie. I've been in the travel industry for over 12 years and I LOVE my job! I've been a Disney fan since I was in kindergarten, carrying my Mickey Mouse backpack and my "it's a small world" lunch box! I'm a College of Disney Knowledge graduate and I love putting my knowledge to good use, to make your vacation extra Magical! Now that I've visited each Sandals and Beaches resort, I am proud to be a Certified Sandals Specialist to help guide you toward your perfect vacation!  I also have personal experience sailing with Disney, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival cruise lines. 

There are many reasons why I love my job! First, I love to help people make memories with their children, spouse, family and friends! After all, that's what life is all about! Second, I love the friendships that I make while planning with you! I value each one of my clients and I appreciate you sharing your life with me! Third, I love to travel with my husband and my children. We enjoy cruises, all-inclusive resorts and of course, Disney! 



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April Thurston, Vacation Designer

My name is April Thurston and I love helping families, couples and friends create memories with fabulous vacations.  I can help you plan the perfect vacation for you and your budget.  I pride myself in the ability to think of all the details so that you can relax and enjoy your getaway.  I am a College of Disney Knowledge graduate and an Universal Orlando Resort Specialist.  I can also help you plan an all-inclusive getaway or a cruise on many different cruise lines.   I am excited to work with you to plan the perfect vacation to create lasting memories! 

Jessica Pilcher, Vacation Designer

Hello!  My name is Jessica, and I love traveling!  Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to see the world, and have taken every opportunity to do so.  I have been blessed to have been able to visit places in the United States like Las Vegas and San Antonio, as well as places abroad like Madrid, Barcelona, London and Cancun.  By traveling to these places, I have gained countless memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  Because of how precious my memories are, I want to help you and your loved ones create your own travel memories that will last a lifetime.  Whether you are looking to take a couple’s vacation at an all-inclusive resort, a vacation with some of your friends to Vegas, family vacation to Disney or something else entirely, I am positive that we can create your dream vacation that’s within your budget.  You will have those wonderful travel memories before you know it!   

Nikki Bashore,Vacation Designer


Hello, my name is Nikki Bashore. Planning a vacation can be very time consuming and overwhelming.  Travel is a passion of mine and I enjoy the research needed to cover every detail in the planning process.  Whether your next trip takes you to Walt Disney World, aboard one of the beautiful ships in the Disney Cruise flee or to the historical and romantic city of Charleston, SC, you can be assured I will cover every facet of your trip with the same care as I do for my own. Vacations are a valuable investment to our loved ones. I look forward to helping you design a vacation that will create memories for decades to come.

Debbie Sehlmeyer, Vacation Designer


Hi! I'm Debbie Sehlmeyer and I am so excited to help you plan your next vacation! I love to travel and have been all over the world. I want to share my enthusiasm with you as we plan your trip. I am a graduate of Disney College of Knowledge, a Universal Orlando Resorts Specialist, and I have experience in cruises and all-inclusive resorts. As a grandmother myself, I can help you plan a multi-generational trip. From the smallest trip to the largest, I'd love to work with you!  I would love to help you with your next travel plan!